Farming Export: Australian Meat Exporter


Farming Export, as a prestigious licensed Halal meat exporter in Australia, is dedicated to providing a wide range of premium Australian red meat products for customers all over the world. Farming Export is not only famous for its high quality, clean and robust export Halal lamb and mutton which are in compliance with legislated animal welfare standards and different importing country requirements, but also for its top quality export grass fed beef and grain fed beef which are ethically farmed and harvested in Australia.

Premium Australian Sheep and Cattle

Australian Lamb Exports

In Australia, lambs are produced in a wide range of climates from the arid and semi-arid parts of the inland region, to the high rainfall areas. Australian Lamb and Mutton is free range and naturally raised in lush pastures that are reputed to be the finest sheep producing region in the world, a pure product of a pure environment.

Australian Cattle Exports

Raised in Australia’s most pristine natural environments, the combination of nutrient rich pastures and a temperate climate has produced generations of first class cattle. The Australian beef ranges span the finest MSA grain fed beef, MSA grass fed beef and commodity grade beef.These ranges add differentiation which exclusivity meet all our customers’ needs.


Farming Export: Australian Lamb Exporter

Farming Export can source the right type of Halal Premium Lamb to meet diverse demands of different customers around the world; we are accredited with AUS-Meat Limited as Australia's industry body for meat exporters. We have a practical range of experience and implicit knowledge about the physical product intimately to properly minimize the cost of commodity market.

Premium Australian Beef

Farming Export is specialist in exporting premium quality Australian beef. We are capable to supply the premium Australian beef through the numerous market segments all year around. Many customers demand the leaner beef product where livestock naturally raised on Australia’s premium grasslands, while others may prefer grain fed beef, which grow over specified number of days.

Halal Chilled Premium Lamb and Mutton

Farming Export is specialist exporter of premium Australian lamb and mutton. We supply chilled lamb and mutton under Meat Standards Australia grading system with premium quality. We source frozen quality Australian lamb and mutton for different import specifications in order to meet the diverse demands of various markets.

Farming Export Supply Chain: Premium Australian Meat

Sourcing & Exporting & Delivering Chilled Premium Lamb, Fresh Halal Mutton, Halal Premium Beef

Farming Export Meat Supply Chain


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