Australian Red Meat Products

Australian Meat
Framing Export specializes in exporting meat from Australia throughout the global world. We supply all types of premium quality meats, from carcasses to individual cuts, including beef, Sheep, lamb, goat, and Offal. Framing Export also specializes in export live sheep and cattle supply to Middle Eastern markets that require the very best quality at competitive prices. We are proud to export Australian premium halal meat throughout the world.

Our Product Evaluation
Farming Export has a capability to conduct objective meat evaluation rather than subjective one, which is based on evaluation weight, fat and shape of carcass. The objectiveness evaluation emphasizes on five main factors: First, where are livestock growing and being fed? Secondly, which temperature climate? Thirdly, what kind of grazing and feeding system are applied? Fourthly, who grow them up? Whether the farmers are productive and well managed or not? After all, we properly define how much intramuscular fat and subcutaneous fat around muscle tissue, and how much saleable meat yield, and what is the square muscle eye area around the whole carcass, the taste of meat, and so on.

In this respect, when customer purchase the Australian red meat from Farming Export, the standard quality of meat is not only our goal, our main goal is to deliver and export premium Australian lamb, mutton and beef. To do so, we synchronize our supply chain throughout Australia to identify productive and well-managed farmers, and then we source livestock there that has meant we do not source our live sheep and cattle everywhere without knowing the background of livestock.

Farming Export Supply Chain

Sourcing Premium Lamb and Beef