Premium Australian Lamb

Main Breeds of Lamb & Mutton in Australia 

Australian lamb and Mutton generally fall into three broad categories: 1. Crossbred lambs; 2. Merino lambs; or 3. Alternative breeds including Dorper, Dohne, Border Leicester, Black & White Suffolks,Texel and Poll Dorset.

Australian Merino

Australian Texel


Australian Black Suffolks

Australian Border leicester 

Australian Dorper 


Lamb & Mutton Carcase Pieces 6 way cut

The carcass includes all parts of the body skeletal musculature and bone, extending to and including the hock joint (tarsus) and knee joint (carpus), all the cervical vertebrae with a portion of the tail removed between the 2nd and 3rd coccygeal vertebrae. The kidney, kidney fats, channel fats, udder or testes and penis and udder or cod fat to be removed. Hocks tipped. Carcass pieces are prepared from whole carcasses where these are cut into 6 pieces and packed into a carton. All primal cuts are retained and Layer Packed. Inner Label applied to liner.

6 Ways Cut

Australian Sheep Meat Primal Cuts
Farming Export encourages our customers to use "the Handbook of Australian Meat 7th edition" to make an order or any enquiries. The chart below is a brief summary of the Australian sheep meat primal cuts in the handbook. For more information about the handbook, please go to or click here.